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A Horse and Carriage for Hire
Specializing in weddings but availble for all occasions
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Donna driving long before Donna's Driving Service

Some info about us Donna's Driving Service has been operating since 1995, this is a small family run business. That is all about bringing a unique element to your event.  Newton our horse is no doubt the star, with his enormous size (18.2 hh) and gentle personality.  Newt has surpassed our expectations at every event I've asked him to do, he is not just a horse, he's family. 

Here's more of what we're about....At Donna's Driving Service

We have done the usual events over the years but some always stand out. Delivering the Stanley Cup to the hockey hall of fame was one exciting event with a full mounted guard as escort. Doing movies and TV shoots were a learning experience as well.  But I will have to admit that the creativity of some of the guys on their proposals have been entertaining to say the least.

Christmas, birthdays or  just a ride to say thank you, your special to me!

Thanks for making the last 20 years so wonderful as you've let me do something I loved doing and share it with you all.   

Donna's Driving Service


The love of driving horses started early for Donna......